Cu Chi – one of the famous historical tourist destinations of Vietnam. Cu Chi is not only a tourist destination, but also an emotional history lesson about the perseverance and indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese people during the war. To better understand this fascinating destination, let’s start with VN Lotus Travel the journey to explore the Cu Chi Tunnels.

I. Discover History in the Cu Chi Tunnels

1. Location:

Located about 70km west of Saigon city center, Cu Chi was once a shelter and military base of the South Vietnamese Liberation Army during the war. The tunnels here are a clear demonstration of the intelligence and self-defense ability of the Vietnamese people.

2. Interestingly:

We will visit the creepy tunnels where soldiers used to live and fight every day. Subterranean settlement systems, sophisticated improvisation, and revealing stories of the sacrifices of soldiers and locals – all intertwined to create a historical picture bold and unforgettable.

II. Unique Experience at Cu Chi Tunnels

More than just a journey of history, visiting Cu Chi Tunnels also gives you the chance to experience interesting activities. You can challenge yourself by going through narrow tunnels, participating in test shooting, learning how to make traps as well as participating in traditional activities.

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